Monday, April 27, 2015

MAY DAY 2015: Trafalgar Square Rally 1/5/2015

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Aghet - A Genocide

The following information on the film 'Aghet' was sent to us by Khatchatur Pilikian, courtesy of the London Socialist Film Co-op:

Two years back, in 2013, our LSFC planned a joint film event with SHS, LH and CAIA. We had in mind to show the much acclaimed German documentary about the Genocide of the Armenians, titled AGHET.
But, alas, it was not to be, because of the financial burden of the need to pay at least 20 license holders ... Albeit, and happily so, AGHET is now on YouTube, and free to see. Hence I wrote to my colleagues in the above organisations, suggesting to circulate widely to our members the YouTube link of the documentary, with a note to post it on our Newsletters too. I am happy to say it was agreed enthusiastically.


An Award-Winning Documentary - 1915 AGHET
The Armenian Genocide (In English) - Duration: 1:33:02

April 24th 2015 is the 100th Remembrance Day of the Genocide of the Armenians. Here is a documentary produced by German Public Television, now in English too, where an impeccable cast of actors personify historical figures retelling their eyewitness accounts of the politics of the Armenian Genocide, including testimonies of Ambassador Morgentau and Raphael Lemkin.

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