Monday, April 11, 2016

Radio shout-out to Trevor Griffiths and The Spokesman

Mike Harding, on his radio Folk Show, 10th April 2016, dedicated the track 'A Cut in Pay' (Rory McLeod) to Trevor Griffiths, who recently celebrated his 81st birthday.

Harding billed him as ‘one of our greatest modern playwrights', extolling to listeners:

'You might know his work – Comedians; Oy for England; the film Reds; the series Bill Brand – and he’s also written a wonderful piece for television, which I don’t think has been filmed yet, called March Time. And I do urge you to go and get hold of a magazine called Spokesman, which is a magazine of the Russell Foundation… In one of last year’s issues they’ve got the entire text'

A podcast of the show (#172) is still available on the following page, with the mention of Trevor Griffiths just over six minutes in:

March Time was published in issue 118 of The Spokesman (ISBN 9780 85124 8202, £6), which is available to purchase HERE.

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